Sunday, 23 November 2014

Things I want for Christmas!

So I have been thinking about Christmas this week; mainly through harassment about what I want as I don't like to think about it prior to 1st December! 

So being of a geeky mind, this weekend I went to the MCM Birmingham Comic Con, and it was fab! I was able to get a couple of things to add to my collection and it was really great to see an event that once shared an exhibition hall is now big enough to fill two halls.

One of my purchases (well technically it was purchased for me) was the DC Cover Girls Wonder Woman Statue, I am a big Wonder Woman fan, but I am picky about which ones I want and like, I try not to collect stuff for the sake of collecting it. If the face or quality doesn't overly impress me then I won't bother, but this? This I REALLY liked which never normally happens.

Wonder Woman: The Art of War Statue (Yanick Paquette)
You can buy this online for around about £70 for instance here it is on Forbidden Planet International, however we managed to bag it for £60. I was instantly drawn to it, hinted heavily to my other half whilst we stood there, bought it and after getting in the car (it couldn't possibly wait until I got home!) and opening up the box, I found I was not disappointed. 

It is a well-made, well-painted (not something I could say about a lot of my pop vinyls) figure, a simpler version of the old Wonder Woman costume. Her hair is in a style that even I could do to my hair, the top is corseted to match the boots. It is 7.25" tall, and cast in porcelain, and I think one of my favourite figures!

Another of my purchases today was the Exclusive Wonder Woman (in Star Sapphire's outfit) Pop Vinyl, as shown below. I found it hidden on a shelf at the back of one of the stands, with my eagle eyes I spied it and asked to have a look. They handed me two, one non-metallic and one metallic, as the metallic one was £40 and the non-metallic was £20 I decided I couldn't afford both but I wanted at least one as I had never seen them before.

NYCC 2014 Funko Pop Star Sapphire Metallic Wonder Woman Fugitive Toys Vinyl

I actually decided on the non-metallic one and it was then that they told me, they don't sell them here in the UK, after getting home I had a quick look on eBay etc and found they were right, all the ones I could find were in the US. Suddenly, I was annoyed at myself that I hadn't bought it at the time, but then I looked at the prices. Actually I can get them cheaper (including shipping) by buying them on eBay for £30(ish) rather than paying £40 just to have it there and then, so that definitely goes on my christmas list!

The next thing on my list is: A Hobbit home! I mean who wouldn't, I love this, I may need to obtain a child from somewhere so I have a reason for it, or I may just move my home office into it and geek out.
Hobbit Home - $4,695.00
Ok, so I probably won't get it for Christmas as it is a whopping $4,695 (£2998.56) so it is a little bit out of our Christmas shopping budget, but it would be cool nonetheless. Maybe, another way around it will be to first create a hill in my back garden, then dig a hole into that and attach a hobbit door, surely that might be slightly cheaper? I could, depending on the size of the hill, actually make it human height as well so I can take my laptop in there at night!

And lastly, something more in budget:
Rainbow Backlit Keyboard
Just because, look how cool it is! I want it! At only $29.99 it is a steal compared to the Hobbit Hole. It has no real purpose I just find it cool, I am a big fan of all things colourful and would have endless joy looking at my rainbow coloured keyboard as I typed. 

For now, that will do, so take note friends and family because I know what I want!