Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A poor week

This week has been a weird one, after changing from being paid weekly to being paid monthly I had to live on a quarter of what I usually earn, this meant money was extremely tight and we had to live on what I already had in the house.
Lunches at work were the hardest thing when we ran out of fruit, it was sandwich only and a bag of crisps, normally I stay away from crisps but desperate times call for desperate measures.
I have to say it really annoys me how expensive it is to eat healthily, at least in this country. Most of our weekly food bill is taken up by fruit and veg, and whilst a good thing it is also a bad thing. This is one of the reasons, I think, that there are so many obese people in our country, because the food that is not so good for us is 5 times cheaper than that of the stuff that is.
In the exercise front I have done better, not great but better. Went on a few walks at the weekend and did a bit of wii fit in the evenings. However, I know that this was not enough, I need to try and do more. Since the beginning of January I have been setting my alarm for 7am so that I can do some Wii fit before work..this hasn't quite panned out so far. I have managed to oversleep my alarm everyday so far.
I need to train my brain to expect to exercise rather than to think 'meh not today'. It is made harder by the fact that Jon is working away a lot now and I struggle to motivate myself when he is not here. It is also harder for him as his options food wise are limited to whatever the hotel serves.
So, that being said, the plan for this week is to step up the exercise, however having just got back from having root canal done on my tooth I am also thinking that it will be a soup diet or anything slushy for the next few days until the pain has worn off.
This week's being relatively good though has showed, a 2lb loss to get January moving along a bit:
Current Weight: 18st 6lbs

Target weight loss: 1 stone

Pounds left until target: 11lbs

Weightloss so far: 5lbs

Target weight: 17st 11lbs

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

The countdown begins!'s been a while! I took a break over Christmas to reevaluate some things and for the most part it has worked.

As you can see in the picture it is less than 7 months to the wedding now and creeping ever closer. As exciting as that is it also fils me with dread, mainly due to wanting to lose weight before the wedding. I have a wedding dress fitting or two to fit in as well so that only makes it more nerve wracking; will I fit into the dress? Will it be too small? How much will the alterations cost if I have lost more than I thought etc.

With all this whirring around my head I have been going a bit crazy, but I guess that is normal for brides, and I thought I wasn't a typical bride!

Luckily I have the calming (at least occasionally) presence of Jon to stop me mid whirl wind and talk about our weight loss goals. We have decided to (finally) knuckle down and eat healthily and get back to the gym. Now although we haven't made it to the gym yet (we have both had heavy colds since Boxing Day) we have this week started doing qui fit again.

I was amazed, but not suprised, when the wii fit told us we hadn't been on in a while (454 days for me) and we decided that if we do not go to the gym for whatever reason then we will do wifi fit instead. Although our diets have been good lately our bodies really crave the exercise too and without it we don't really lose as much as we could. This is something we are addressing.

The wii fit did tell me one thing though, I have lost a stone since we lady used it, that means I was on my way up to my heaviest but hadn't hit it yet and now I am 3lbs off of losing 2 stone overall!

We have both also started using MFP (My Fitness Pal) again in the hopes that this will not only help us track what we are eating and the exercise we are doing but also it makes us actually think about what we are eating and how much. The trick is to remember to fill it in, which I will admit sometimes does slip through the net!

During one of my brain whirrings I thought about doing the couch to 5k plan, to really get us moving, I myself am not really a runner and do not enjoy it, but part of me wonders is that due to ny weight? Or my thought process? Have I trained my brain out of exercise?

In order to push ourselves we have decided that the week after the wedding we will take part in the Color run (I knoe wrong spelling but it's American) which is taking place in Birmingham. As soon as registrations open I will get us registered to make sure we do it!

We have taken part in a colour run before , 2 years ago, when I was bigger but we only ran for part of it, the plan is to run all of the way round! 95% at least! And I think that is an achievable goal!

Over Christmas I managed, somehow, to only put on 3lbs. This week I have lost two of those so it is not the worst outcome of Christmas!

Current Weight: 18st 8lbs

Target weight loss: 1 stone

Pounds left until target: 13lbs

Weightloss so far: 3lbs

Target weight: 17st 11lbs