Monday, 21 July 2014

A few new projects...

So firstly, Welcome to my my new blog site! I was having issues with as it wasn't loading half the time and I was getting sick of the '502 BAD GATEWAY' message everytime I wanted to do anything on it. So bear with me during some teething issues before I get comfortable in my new blog home!

Crafting/ Inventing Origins News:

So I am currently working on the @Snow character plushie doll for my friend of their City of Heroes character, once that is done I have lined up a few other projects to try/get started on.

The first is a line of other plushies from the City of Heroes game, I am going to make some plushies of the signature Heroes and Villains from the game. I think the Freedom Phalanx will be first as oddly their costumes are not as intricate as the Villain's costumes. I am thinking that I will not use felt for these however as it may be easier to use more forgiving materials... where does one find a plethora of Lycra in various colours anyway?

The second idea, is some City of Heroes themed keyrings, these will be fairly easy to make as soon as I get a colour printer and coerce Jon into playing around in Photoshop for me! But how cool would it be to have your Character on a keyring for you to keep!? I think with with some good quality screenshots it could be possible!

I still keep thinking about Soap and Candle making however that may need to be put on the back burner for now, lots of time for all this I am sure!

Diet news:

So this week in my little weightloss journey.. there is no loss... however there is no gain either. It's a maintain. However, I am not downhearted as I know I have had a lazy week and not exercised as much as previous weeks.

I need to step up the exercise and I think I will get back onto my target track! Jon is away this week Mon-Wed so I may get some walks in or do my workout dvd, every little helps right? Could even go swimming as I haven't been in a while. I really enjoy swimming, but the pool we go to has so many things on its hard to schedule round it, I think we possibly need to start oging early mornings a couple of mornings a week, but again with Jon working away a lot at the moment it is hard to organise. I should really be braver and go on my own...maybe one day!


Current Weight: 19st 4lbs

Target weightloss by 11th August: 14 lbs

Pounds left until target: 9lbs

Weightloss so far: 5lbs


  1. Awesome idea about the key rings! I think i might need to order a cuddly Cyrosphere at some point soon too! :)