Monday, 28 July 2014

An odd week..

So all is not well in Fordith land! I  did step up the exercise this week, but have been feeling very bloated and other issues this week, so the weight loss hasn't happened. I am hoping this is a momentary blip and it will get back on track this week, but as I am still suffering I am not overly sure as of yet. But keep positive right? 

I have decided that I have fallen into bad habits and am eating far too many carbs again, so I have changed up my lunch today with no sandwich instead have some salady bits, a couple of slices of cheese, a jelly and some grapes. There was a time where Jon and I just stopped eating bread, however now we have it at least once a day again and sometimes twice! (A sandwich for lunch and if we are not overly hungry a Quorn sausage sandwich for dinner etc) 


Current Weight: 19st 6lbs

Target weightloss by 11th August: 14 lbs

Pounds left until target: 9lbs

Weightloss so far: 5lbs

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