Monday, 25 August 2014

Facing some fears

Today, I am going to speak about some of my fears when I think of all the weight I have to lose.

On this weight loss journey I have a lot of my personal fears and worries to face, and they are not mine alone. I think at one point (are many, as the case may be) we all have them, and mostly they are all common or similar. 

My first one is something I think everyone suffers from, even those that are not even fat but just out of shape, the dreaded 'Working out in front of people' thought. The thought that whilst we are panting, sweaty, and bright red disgusting messes that all the other 'fit' people in the Gym are staring at us, judging us for being as big as we are, or muttering to their friend 'ooh look at her!' 

So let's get one thing straight: THEY ARE NOT! 

As a whole, humans do have a tendency to judge others, however, we suffer more from being selfish and self-centered, what I mean by this is that the other people there do not care what you are doing, what you look like, or who you are. They are focusing on their workout, their heart rate, or just how knackered they are already after only 10 minutes and deciding how long they have to keep going before they can leave without others noticing. 

We do not need to worry, we just need to get on with what we are doing, focus on yourself and your weight loss, focus on the 10 reps or the next 10 minutes of your run, eventually you will get into your own rhythm of gym time and won't even notice who is there or isn't!

The second big worry is when you read or watch on tv those that have lost lot's of weight but still have all of the 'Excess Skin' although it may happen it is not a definite. 

As the article states, there are many factors that could lead to excess skin, however like I have already said it may not happen. I am definitely a 'what if' person and a lot of the time it stops me from doing or trying things, or even just over thinking a situation and getting into a funk. 

I am hoping that because I am not trying to lose 5lbs + a week and am doing it sensibly (and some would say slowly) that I am lessening the chance of this and it gives my body time to snap back, by doing some exercise as well I hope that will help the skin return to normal. As the last line of the article states; 'The bottom line? Worrying about the likelihood of having loose skin is no reason to put off losing weight. Losing weight will leave you healthier and will most likely lead to a longer and fuller life.' This is something I definitely need to take note of.

My final fear is not really a fear but a very common occurrence, 'Depression when I don't lose or put on weight' I know that I shouldn't beat myself up about it, weight does fluctuate and sometimes it is out of your control, as most women know around the time of your period you put on up to 2lbs because of hormone fluctuations etc. but a lot of the time I DO know why I put on the weight, it's because I wasn't that strict with my diet or didn't exercise that week. I need to STOP that behaviour and I need to stop letting myself by dragged into the realms of diet naughtiness, surely there is a will power class out there you can take??

This week's weigh in, it was a mismatch of strict and not very, so I have managed to maintain this week, next week lets start losing those pounds! 

Current Weight: 19st 1lb

Target weight loss date: 22nd September

Target weight: 18st 0lb

Pounds left until target: 15lbs

Weightloss so far: 1lb

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