Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Lose weight just by looking at food!

These days it seems like every minute of the day we are told we can lose all the weight we like by 'doing this simple plan' and most of the time it is just words for people to hock their book, or 'plan' then the next page we are told 'no no you need to do this one!' Is it any wonder that people keep failing on crash diets? I, for one, am sick of it, I don't overly keep track of articles like this, but I see them all the time.

The most recent one I saw was today on Women's Health online, it was titled 'Drop 30 pounds in 30 days!' Have people not learnt that these do not work? I am struggling with weightloss everyday, however I am losing weight, and it is not by eating 12 and a half strawberries for breakfast, 2/3 of a melon for lunch and a handful of granola for dinner! I am doing it sensibly, by watching what I eat but within reason. That means no takeaways, cutting down on the amount of carbs I am taking in daily (but not cutting them out all together) and eating more veg. Sensible eating. 

Now it may not be groundbreaking, or particularly interesting but it is what works! I have tried a few different diets (more when I was younger) and yes I may have lost some weight, but the second you look at the 'forbidden' food, be it a doughnut, a pizza or even a particularly large grape it all piles back on. So what is the point? Why do we put ourselves through it? 

If you lost 80lbs (approx 5st 7lbs) in 8 days like this suggests, go to a doctor something is terribly wrong! Or you already have and that is called liposuction!
I think that when it comes to diets and health, if someone calls them self an expert, a nutrionist or even just a Diet Specialist, there is something instilled in us that makes us automatically think; 'well they must know what they are talking about they have letters after their name!' Apart from considering becoming Jess Fordham PfG Hons (Pretty Fat Girl, Honest!), I think that these are articles that unless written and approved by a doctor, scientist (or properly qualified Nutritionist) should be banned. Why are they allowed to prey on the vulnerable this way, give them that glimmer of hope and then after the 30 days they are on their own again. The reason its only 30 days, or some are even 5 days, is because they are actually UNHEALTHY as a constant diet! More often than not it's because you are actually driving your body to the point of starvation, but eating those few blueberries that tip you over.

All I am saying is, just eat smart, do exercise and the weight WILL come off! It is ten times harder to lose the weight than put it on, and no it is not easy but it is worth it. You get on those scales and you know that the weight that you have lost is proof of the hard work and that what you are doing is all the more worthwhile. 


P.s. Personal pet hate - if you lose a ton of weight, don't take pictures of you still wearing those 'massive' trousers and pulling them out to show that a whole other you could fit in there now, why are you even keeping them? As soon as they don't fit me anymore I am chucking them out of my house and life!

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