Monday, 18 August 2014

This week in my life...

This week I have done a great many things, most of them not interesting to everyone else, but some might be:

1) I have now booked my PRINCE 2 Foundation Exam, so on the 14th September I will be bricking myself trying to pass the exam and prior to that trying to cram in as much revision as possible without wanting to kill myself! 

Remember that time I said 'I miss learning, and school, I really enjoyed learning new stuff'? Well the exam parts are the bits I hate, I get too over stressed and fluff it up 8/10 times. However, I am staying positive, hopefully I will pass with flying colours, and then I can look forward at saving up for the next part if I want to after this. It is about £500 for the course and exam and doesn't include the PRINCE2 Manual that they charge £60 for, so before I pay that amount of money I need to make sure that it is something I can do and want to do otherwise it is a waste. It may also have to wait until after the wedding.

2) I have managed to do a couple of Crafty things this week, mainly decoupaging some photo frames, some JLA (Justice League of America) ones and a Walking Dead frame that was a commission.

JLA Square Frame Test
JLA Rounded Frame Test
The Walking Dead Commision
TWD Commission 2

I did a couple of tests to start off, one was a square frame the other was a rounded edged one, I personally found that the Square one was easier to use with the pictures as the straight edges meant they could be pulled tight around them, with the rounded ones however the paper wanted to fold and crease which made the finish rough, bumpy and just not overly very smooth. The thickness of the rounded frame however made it easier to see more of the pictures/text so I went out and found a thicker square frame as a compromise.

The Walking Dead frame was an interesting one to do as I know that the (soon-to-be) owner of it has a small child, so I didn't want too much gore, or swearwords (of which there are many in the comics). So, although I have added some zombies there is not too much killing on there, I think maybe one made it through.

3)  Weightloss - So it is another weigh in day and another target has been set, however I can admit that this past week I have not been great with my food, I slipped back onto the carb wagon having sandwiches for lunch a lot of the time and a couple of naughty food items got in there as well. This weekend however I started back on the healthy food, but as predicted I became bloated etc from the carbs, but I am definitely back on it today! Got my salad and popcorn (only 46 calories a bag) and had my yoghurt for my breakbits, dinner is going to be a roast I think but will try and do more veg than potatoes and yorkshires, on my plate at least!

This week I am down to 19st 1lb, so even with my naughtiness midweek I have managed to lose a pound, which is still a loss so I am good with that! I am hoping for more next week and intend to start swimming again this week, possibly walking to and from the pool too. Jon maybe be away tonight and I need to get shopping, however I may be able to fit it in, I need to get used to doing it even when he is not there, because that is my downfall. I don't like to exercise alone...or in front of people... I just need to get over it and stop being so lazy! Worse comes to worst I can jump on the Wii Fit and do it at home, its just getting it out. I am also thinking that we should try and do it before work so that we can just chillax when we get home tired from work. Tiredness is our main reason for not going out and exercising so if it's already done before we get home then we might not notice as much, the trouble will be waking up earlier to do it! ;)

Current Weight: 19st 1lb

Target weight loss date: 22nd September

Target weight: 18st 0lb

Pounds left until target: 15lbs

Weightloss so far: 1lb

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