Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Better late than never!

So this weeks is a bit later than my normal post on a Monday, we have been busy looking after my nephew all week but I have stolen some time to write this draft which I will publish later!

So I didn't quite hit my target this time but I am not downhearted I have lost a lb this week and I have lost a lot of weight so far and I am happy that I've lost this much. Since my heaviest I have now lost 17lbs (1 stone 3lbs) which is more than I have lost on any diet so far. 

I definitely need to ramp up the weightloss a bit per week but I think that 2-3lbs a week is a more healthy weightloss target and makes me less likely to chuck it all back on.

With the wedding less than 12 months away it's made me think of my end game , by the time of the wedding I would LOVE to be a size 14 however I would be happy with a size 16. I am trying to be realistic where possible and I know that it will get harder the more weight I lose, but I see these women in their wedding dresses and although they look beautiful I say to myself, 'I do not want to be that size on my wedding day' if they are happy with their size then that is fine I have no judgement of them, but for me I don't want to be this size forever. 

I already have problems with my knees at 25 and although a past injury to one knee doesn't help I think that all of this extra weight is only making them worse. I want to be able to play games with my (future) kids and nieces and nephews and not have to stop after a few minutes because I'm out of breath and bright red and in pain.

So, with that in mind my next target is:

To be 18 stone by 22nd September

That gives me six weeks to lose 16lbs which is about 2.5lbs a week. If it's more than that I will be overjoyed!

So weigh in today:

Current weight: 19st 2lbs

Target weightloss date: 22nd September

Weightloss so far: 0 lb

Weightloss to target: 16 lbs

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