Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The dreaded birthday week!

So this week was my 26th birthday (well yesterday in fact) and so with various meals out to celebrate I tried to be good where possible, to the point where I got sick of salad! However, I will admit the odd dessert may have slipped through or a couple of drinkies... All in all though I was restrained.

I had a great birthday and got spoilt by friends and family alike! I wasn't adventurous with my birthday requests this year, only asking for money towards our wedding (which was happily received) the only person not to comply was Jon who bought me a sapphire necklace. This is my birthstone and for as long as I can remember I have always wanted a sapphire, now I have one an I LOVE it! With a couple more of his presents in the hands of Royal Mail I can't wait to see what I get, but the most important thing to me is that I have him! :)

We also took a trip with the in laws to see Wicked, the musical, which I loved!! It was a bit strange hearing it sung with a British accent after knowing the soundtrack from the American version so well. The acting at first was a bit pantomime however they seemed to settle down later on, our Elphaba was not who was actually in the programme, it was the understudy's understudy. Now don't get me wrong she had an amazing voice but it does make you wonder how the person who should have been there would have sounded like! 

The thing I would pick on for the production was that in the final duet 'For Good' the pair were a little out of time, they managed to get it back in the middle but then lost it again, I am not sure if they were holding their notes too long or not long enough but you could hear the beats of the song and their melody did not quite meet. However, I do love a good musical and I had a great time, the sets were amazing and crazy amounts of detail, the costumes were great and you could see it was a big budgeted production.

Now enough of that soppyness, prior to the birthday celebrations we had started our health kick anew and actually mushed our lazy bums to the Gym and the Pool. On wednesday we picked up our fat selves and trundled down to the gym, being back again was good, we had to remember how to get back into the rooms and how to use the equipment, but we did it, we went.

One thing I have learnt is that I needed to get some sort of knee support as sure enough my knee went at the beginning of the session so I had to take it easier for the rest of it. When I go to the gym I find exercising pretty boring, so what I do it almost circuits I do about 10 mins per piece of equipment and move my way around the room and before I know it I have done an hour!

We also went swimming the next day, and although we weren't streaking up and down the pool, we were constantly moving, my plan was rather than try and rush straight into it I will build up my exercise routine and slowly increase the time and intensity of the workouts.

So, it comes down to weigh day, which admittedly I did weigh in yesterday but forgot to post it up, so this week it's a maintain.. which considering the amount of times I've eaten out this week I am pretty happy with considering I seriously thought I was going to put weight on this week. It makes my target a lot harder to achieve as I seem to have come to a standstill since setting it.. but I won't let that stop me!!

Current Weight: 19st 1lb

Target weight loss date: 22nd September

Target weight: 18st 0lb

Pounds left until target: 15lbs

Weightloss so far: 1lb

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