Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Can I just get paid to walk around all day?

I have been off work since wednesday and took the time to go Wedding Dress shopping with my mum and various members of my Bridal party (depending on the day). It was an odd experience.

I knew what I didn't want but not necessarily what I did want, it was a lot of Trial and Error, I got into a sort of rhythm eventually when I was able to spot the dress on sight that I knew I would not like even if they were different looks to the one I had tried on. I was correct in thinking that it would be difficult for me to shop for them, some shops would not let me try on the dresses that I would not be able to get on, which is fair enough, but some shops outwardly told me not to go near the rails because of my size, and I kept thinking 'I understand what they are saying but what if the dress I want is in there, I could try on a similar style but prefer those designs and order it in my size.' But hey ho, I did not. 

Overall it was a good experience, I was able to try on a lot more than I thought I would, all of the shop assistants were lovely, except one, who quite obviously did not want a woman of my size in her shop, asked me what I wanted and I told her what I didn't want and those were the dresses she pulled out and simply said 'well that's all we have we are a small boutique' and within 5 minutes of walking in we were outside the shop again. But I did not let it taint my day.

It turns out I seem to have expensive taste in wedding dresses, now don't get me wrong I wasn't choosing dresses that were thousands of pounds but they were out of my ideal price range. Possibly it is because of the shops I decided to visit but there was an overall theme so I think it must be me! 
This wasn't a common sight!
I was amazed at how many dresses I was actually able to get on, ok they weren't done up at the back properly and all my back fat was hanging out, but I was able to stand inside the dresses and see (mostly) what I would look like in the dress. Some did not sit quite right due to my large hips and bum, but some were able to bring in my waist and remind me that I have one hidden in there somewhere! However, if it was down to shops assistants I would have bought them all, they all:

  • Suited my figure!
  • Looked amazing on me!
  • Were a really nice colour on me!
  • Would fit beautifully in my size!
Unfortunately for them I get really uncomfortable with 'sales pitches' and if I were in the street and they tried to accost me I would hold up my hand say 'no, thank you' and keep my eyes averted, but that is quite hard to do in a wedding dress...

It was certainly frustrating to my mum and bridal party when I kept asking them what they thought but never really commented on the dresses myself. I know that I am a thinker and a mull-er, I like to go away and think about things and come to my decision then. If I can't stop thinking about it then I know its the one, if not, it's not. But I also hate being put on the spot, and feeling under pressure to make a decision. When everyone is looking at you waiting to make that decision you want to try and please them, but at the end of the day it is my dress and I need to be happy with it. 

I do worry that I will never find 'THE dress' because I like lots of different aspects and have not found a dress that incorporates all of these. I also think that I won't have 'THE reaction' to the dress that is traditional (tears, screaming, dancing round the room whatever it is) or cliche. Like I said previously I need to think about it, and if I like it I will buy it, but that does make me look miserable (just my face I am afraid!) whilst I am trying them on!

We do definitely have a favourite though and are going back to view it in a couple of weeks, if I do choose that dress the next question is: 

What size do I order it in? 

My thinking is that although I am a large size now I really want to be slimmer for the wedding, I know that it is easier to take in dresses than let them out, but will having the smaller size push me to lose the weight? I will HAVE to lose the weight to fit into my dress, it may give me the incentive I have been missing of late.

And with that in mind, it's a loss of 2lbs this week, which is great! I just need to keep pushing onwards! Maybe by the time I go back to look at the dress I could lose half a stone!?

Current Weight: 18st 9lbs

Target weight loss: 1 stone

Pounds left until target: 14lbs

Weightloss so far: 2lb

Target weight: 17st 11lbs

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