Tuesday, 14 October 2014

I know I'm, naughty!

So last week  I may or may not have completely forgotten to write my blog and I may or may not have almost done the same this week... and of course I was punished for this by putting a lb back on and am now 18st 11lbs again! Noooooooooooooo *over dramatic fall to knees*

It's my own fault and I know it, I have many excuses; I was stressed, I was lazy with my exercise, I was busy with wedding stuff, I was eating badly. You can pick whichever will make you shout at me less! ;)

My wedding dress trying on went really well! I was able to fit (ok not perfectly but I could get them on!) into all but one of the dresses I wanted to try on. Luckily, I did pre-warn the lady that I am very picky, I think she realised by just how much by the end of it.

Although I may not have found THE dress I am not disheartened, I found one that I did like but not enough to buy and definitely not enough to go way over my budget to buy. I wanted to make that many alterations to it that I thought in the end it wouldn't be that dress anymore and it would have been too plain for me. I wasn't allowed to take pictures so I can't show you but there was some definite umming and ahhing over it.

Like I said, I may not have found THE dress but I have started the journey, I know what style will look better on me than others and I feel a bit more confident at saying 'no, I don't like that' and being sure of my choices.

I have another wedding dress try on in a couple of weeks and I have decided that I am going to be uber good until then and be as strict as possible! I have started my food diary again to try and sustain this so I can yell at myself daily.

I have added a new target, to lose my next stone, no date as of yet but let's see what I can do!

Current Weight: 18st 11lbs

Target weight loss: 1 stone

Pounds left until target: 14lbs

Weightloss so far: 0lb

Target weight: 17st 11lbs

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