Tuesday, 5 August 2014

It's getting near that target time...

We went to see Guardians of the Galaxy on thursday, and it was truly great, having walked into the cinema not knowing the characters at all I walked out feeling like I knew them very well. It had drama, great SFX and tons of humour. Even if you do not normally like Sci Fi films I urge you to go see it because I think you will be surprised. 

Unfortunately you can't take the little ones to it due to some choice words used in the film, but the tweens will love it. Each character is given their moment in the sun, and all of the individual stories are intertwined beautifully, some backstory I think will be filled in by later movies, but for an introductory film it was enough. No flashbacks except for Peter Quill's character (and technically it isn't a flashback as we start at that point then move into the future), the rest of the story is in dialogue amongst the characters.

I think that Groot and Rocket Raccoon will become firm favourites to the movie fans, they are a great little double act. There is some discussion between myself and Jon about whether Rocket can understand Groot (Jon's view) or he is interpreting the 'I am Groot' 's to fit his own conversational arc (my view) which other characters do at other points of the film too. 

My personal favourite was Drax and that was only because of one scene and his line made me laugh, and then laugh a few times after the  scene had finished when I remembered it. Who knew wrestlers could act better than when they are wrestling!?! ;)

The end credit scene was lost on me as I didn't know who it was and had to ask Jon, but he was also disappointed with it, however it seems we might be in the minority with that opinion, as others loved it. It did not hint at the next film (or I hope not) and just felt like an inside joke that I was not part of.

The music for the film was another source of amusement, from the moment Starlord starts dancing in a cave to the classic 'heroes walking out in their uniforms' scene. It was 80's tastic and Jon for one was loving it, he immediately downloaded the album off of itunes and then tortured me with it for the whole weekend. For this reason it has made me go off the film soundtrack a bit, but originally I thought it was great and different to a lot of current superhero films.

Overall I would give this film:  4.5 * / 5*


Unfortunately I don't think that I will meet my target this time, however I am not downhearted as so far I have lost more weight continuously than I ever have before. My trousers are finally getting a little looser and although sometimes it doesn't feel like it's going quick enough, I know that it IS going.

This weekend we had a family party up in Leeds which meant not overly being able to control my food options (by home cooking), however although I did have a little chocolate bar and a packet of crisps in the car journey on the way up, for dinner we went to Frankie and Benny's. Now our old routine of this would have been starters, mains and dessert, however partly we did not have time but we also chose not to have it. Normally it is a plethera of lovely calorific foods that you can gorge on, however I went for a Chicken and Bacon Caesar Salad, and actually it was really nice! I have been eating salads for the past couple of weeks and I have really started to enjoy them. I could not finish all of the salad (there was quite a lot) and I did have a few fries as they were misordered (would be rude not to ;) )

So the weight loss for this week, well I have lost the 2lbs I put on last week plus another pound. I am pretty happy with that, will need to set a new target up next week, as I doubt I will lose 6lbs in a week I am unlikely to hit target.

Current Weight: 19st 3lbs

Target weightloss by 11th August: 14 lbs

Pounds left until target: 6lbs

Weightloss so far: 8lbs

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