Monday, 22 September 2014

Just a quickie

Ok, I will not lie to you, I set out an exercise plan for last week and did not stick to it. At all!

Naughty Ica!

So this week we are going uber strict on the diets and uber strict with our exercise plans. We want to see how that affects our weight loss for the week.

With our wedding day getting closer and closer all I want to do is try on dresses. But I am caught up in my own thinking of:

'If I try to try on dresses now they won't have many in my current size, and if I don't like the ones that they do I would risk buying one that I can't try on and what if I did and when I'm thinner it doesn't suit me! Or if I try one on now that I like but when I'm thinner it doesn't look right'.

And it goes on like that, so I guess my current option is to wait until the last possible moment so I will have lost enough weight that I can try more on and then carry on losing until the final fitting! However, I have just booked myself and one of my bridesmaids into the National Wedding Fair, so I will be taking lots of pictures and oohing and aaahing!

In the meantime my weight loss this week:

Current Weight: 18st 11lbs

Target weight loss date: 6th October

Pounds left until target: 11lbs

Weightloss so far: 5lb

Target weight: 18st 0lb

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