Monday, 15 September 2014

Some highs, some lows

So this past week I have been cramming revision in for my exam yesterday, it was a mixture or trying, boredom and results. 
This was definitely me but in front of my laptop!
I had some false starts, did a few mock tests, eventually getting to the point where I was regularly passing the mock tests. I was revising right up until the last minute, really hoping I would be able to soak it all in, or enough of it! I have really struggled this week, not to understand it, although there were a couple of sections it took a few times round to get it, but to remember it past the ten minutes it took to move onto the next section. I am not sure if maybe I had too many other things on my mind or that I just wasn't able to concentrate fully. Either way, I did my test on Sunday, it was an hour of nerves and (psychological pain) but I....

Although it is only a preliminary result, hopefully it won't change and in 4 weeks time I will be receiving a certificate with my name on! So after all the worrying we decided to go out and celebrate my result. Still being on a diet I did try and be good and only had a small sausage and mash with gravy for dinner, not adventurous but nice! 

I did finally make some of the Banana and Oat cookies yesterday, with far too many Bananas lying around the house, I made use of them. I also did mine quite chunky so they weren't crispy all the way through. I have found them to be quite nice but not really sweet at all, I think with some yoghurt they might be nice as a breakfast. I didn't help matters by adding dark chocolate (the only stuff I had in the house) making it even less sweet, however in one batch I did add a small amount of sweetener to see if that would help, and it did slightly but obviously made them a little less healthy.

Prior to cooking

A plan of action

My thoughts of late have turned to the momentual task ahead of me and Jon to lose lots of weight prior to our wedding, this graph shows what my weight loss has been like so far:

So as you can roughly see, although I have gone down and it is a steady downward slope, there have been times where I have hovered and neither lost nor gained, these are the areas I need to work on. We have 46 weeks until the wedding, and if I want to get to my targeted weight of 13 stone then I have 82lbs to lose (5st 8lbs) and that works out to 1.7lbs a week between now and the big day.

Which IS doable!

So Jon and I are going to sit down one week and plan a strict week (diet wise) and exercise every day, and see what effect that has on our weight loss for the week.For this week my plan is:

Monday: Gym in the evening
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: (Gym/Pool is closed) Walk in the evening
Thursday: Gym in the Evening
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: (At parents this weekend) Walk during the day
Sunday: (At parents this weekend) Walk during the day

So this week's weigh-in - it's a maintain this week, I blame my celebratory meal last night ;) But really I know I have nothing to blame except myself:

Current Weight: 18st 12lbs

Target weight loss date: 6th October

Pounds left until target: 12lbs

Weightloss so far: 4lb

Target weight: 18st 0lb

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