Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Taking steps

So this week I took a step, a step towards one of my scary goals, trying on wedding dresses!
I have my appointments booked and made my mum take time off work to join me, it is something I have really worried about because of my current size, and I have spoken about it before in this blog. So, I will not bore you with the weird mind burps I have on the matter. But, it has made me think about my goals and how much stricter I need to be, I would say that we are eating a hell of a lot better than we used to, but its still not great. I need to get over that 'I'm too tired to cook after work' thought process. When we get takeaway it takes just as long to wait for the food to arrive than it would it we just made dinner, which is ridiculous when you think about it. 

With the wedding plans getting started the thought of diets and fitness is becoming ever present in our minds as the day looms and I still have that big bum and jelly belly! I really am going to try and step it up so that I can look my best on the day but will not stop once the wedding is over! I am determined to be thinner so that if and when I become a mum I am not out of breath playing with my kids, or can't sit next to them on rides (a strange thought I know but when I think that in my current state I could not fit on adult rides a child's ride is surely smaller?).

This week it is a maintain, partly due to over indulgence on Jon's birthday and but mostly due to not getting off my fat arse and doing more exercise! But we are off to the gym tonight and wakling to the cinema tomorrow so let's lose weight!

Current Weight: 18st 11lbs

Target weight loss date: 6th October

Pounds left until target: 11lbs

Weightloss so far: 5lb

Target weight: 18st 0lb

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